Four Emails In One Day



A Note From J.T.

Thank you so much for the great flowers..
They were extremely beautiful, and she was totally taken away with them.

You did such a great job…Will be ordering Valentines Roses for her soon!Keep up the good work!





A Note From Hank

Dear Bibbs,
I want to thank you for the beautiful flowers!  Not only where they beautiful, but your delivery time and customer service was awesome.  I used 1800-flowers last time and, God, were they terrible.  My wife called and asked me to send her a picture of what I “thought” she would receive.  When I asked as to why she needed the picture, she said, “I know you didn’t pic this out”.  Long story short, lets just say the arrangement was “underwhelming”.  So again I thank you for your services.
Ciao, Hank


A Note From Shirley


The flowers are lovely.  We just love your emails showing us what our client’s receive.  I am assuming that both clients got the same arrangement.

I have a favor/question to ask.  We are not getting an invoice or anything from you to use so that Kevin can write off the flowers as a business expense.  Would it be too much trouble to have you generate a consolidated statement sent to us (i.e. detailing Jan, Feb, Mar, etc. until end of last month) so that we can submit these?  We really appreciate all your help.

Shirley Crawford, RP


A Note From Nancy

Thank you so much for the pictures!  Shirley absolutely loved the flowers and it truly made her birthday.

Nancy Faulkner

We also received a very nice phone call today from Shirley, what a beautiful way to say she also loved her flowers. Thanks so much Shirley, I really needed that!   Bibbs