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Here are just some of the wonderful conversations I have had the pleasure of experiencing with customers...I appreciate the time you spent with me...



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It’s Thursday, September 24th, 2009.


  My shop is a fairy busy shop, we try hard to stay on our toes. Although, to me, (Bibbs) when someone calls,  I answer. And when I answer I take the time to see that ALL your needs are met.

Today I received a call from jay, Jay is in Aphganastan, he is there everyday away from his loved ones. We had a very nice conversation while he placed his order.  Jay is a very grateful man and like all our guys that are away from home right now, fighting this war, his heart is at home, in Gainesville Georgia!  I listened to his voice change several times while we spoke & when it came time for me to ask him how he wanted his card message to read (to his family)...his voice went silent, I kept that silence with him, as I knew why...several moments later he spoke the words for his card message. Basically he wanted his family to know how much he thinks of them, when the silence was evident for a second time, once again I sat at my desk with him, allowing him to have his moment.  All I could see in my mind was a family apart, how I would see certain that his flowers were as beautiful as I could personally design them, how grand I would make them,  how large a smile he would have to carry with him when he received a picture in his email of his family receiving these flowers. So much thought in such a short time that passed until he spoke again, and with a cracking voice he said to sign it……...“Love Daddy”

Flowers are a special part of all our lives, weather they are planted in our gardens, received from a loved one or we sent them to someone we wanted to know just how much we are thinking of them, or simply laid beside a place of resting.

I told jay how grateful I felt that he chose me to take care of this for him. I really don't believe in accidents, although I do believe that when my phone rings, it is clearly for me! And now it becomes my responsibility to see it through, because, besides flowers, smiles matter too!


On Any Given Day

522000956 On Any Given Day

It' Friday, September 25th, 2009 and you may have thought it was "Monday", Honestly, I really dont believe in the Monday syndrome, I have always believed that our days are exactly what we as individuals think they are. And of course, what you think about expands. I suppose that I was just expanding my day into the "syndrome"

We were quite busy and of course Murphey's Law was in full effect. I wont bore you with the specifics, although...

The phone rang and rang today, and about the time I just wanted to scream, a gentleman, on the other end of the line says "May I please speak with the owner?" "I am the owner", I replied. (Secretly thinking that I wish I was'nt.) He went on to telling me that he received some flowers a few days ago and that he wanted to thank me for the most beautiful arrangement of flowers he and his family had ever received. (Now, I'm thinking, Oh please go on, say more!)......

My (Our) Flower Shop receives many, many emails during the course of just one month, and when a person takes just a few moments of there time to tell me or my family, (staff) how wonderful we have performed our jobs, and how grateful they are for our being here, then, me, the owner has just been paid. I am getting older now and I could only wish that I knew yesterday what I feel I have learned today! Of course not any of us realize that until we have reach the "today" in our lives, and I suppose thats just the way God intended it to be.

This gentleman that called me on that Friday, came to me at such a wonderful time of the day, he was no accident. His voice was gentle and kind and he meant every word he spoke. So now I would like to share that graditude with the world by telling you that my heart smiled, felt warm and went on as though it was really Friday and not Monday.

Some people pick up the telephone, sometimes 3 or 4 times before calling a family member or maybe a friend, but when they do complete the call that they were so hesitant on making in the first place, we realize that we are glad we did, because you see, there are no accidents, we are on purpose and what ever guides us, what ever you wish to label it as, is, in fact being done on purpose and all the lives we touch in that one simple message can turn a day around so simpley. And so thank you for the thank you.......

Although I must tell you that, I thank ALL of you, my customers, for all of the great messages you have sent us over the years and that comes from the today's and the tomorrows, because you see, I am here, only because of you!

Continued Rewards....This one is for you, Kath.


  ♥ Every once in awhile you meet someone special enough to want to share, all they are looking for is "Special" and with that said, I want to tell you about Kath, the conversation we had was extremely rewarding for not only the brother that will be receiving the gift she is sending, but for me as well. I could almost see her face as we spoke to one another, her spirits were high and her laughter was extraordinary. You see, Kath has a brother at South Forsyth Hospital, he is undergoing radiation and kimo. He is a very special brother.

     I suppose that if her brother is anything at all like his sister, then he will come out a winner, my whole point to this is, if ever you think your day is so bad and you just cant figure out why you feel so blue, lets just concider the other side and know in our hearts that someone is fighting an even bigger battle. Our sob stories can be out-beat! And by the grace of God, everytime!

My heart is glad and a special thanks goes out to Kath, my emotions lifted, my cheeks took on a smile, my day is a good one, and I will remember you! Your giving hands, your trusting heart, I will remember our conversation and the way you made me laugh. Now I go back to work and I will think of ways to do the same for John, because you see, John needs to smile too. We all need to know people care, that we are loved and thought about, and the slightest moment of these wonderous thoughts can save lives. They Do make differences in our daily round, Will heal the wounded. And will add one more day to our lives that we are grateful for. Because sometimes, one more day, is all any of us will have.

So, for a very special conversation with you, Kath, I will take very special care of your brother, John.


Onto Them a Child Is Born


And so it is Christmas, and what have we learned? Well for me, I have learned that the longer I am in this business, the more blessings I encounter. For it has been a rough year for a lot of us, they say to look for the miracles and I so believe that if we do in fact look, we will find them. A simplistic hello or a smile can turn an ordinary day into a miraculous one. Every one of us has been there at one time or another.

It’s Monday and what a special Monday it is! Today I received a call from a Miracle; I am not quite certain how you will define your Miracles although I am quite certain that if the booties were on your feet, you would have to agree.

Amy called me this morning looking for pink flowers, she didn’t place her order with me right away, in fact she really needed to check around for pricing, (I suppose) as we do have a minimal charge for the delivery of our miracles. Lol

Anyhow, the phone rang a second time, Lord and behold, it was Amy! A sudden feeling came over me, and not for the placement of an order, it was because “she” called “me” and was willing to put her very important event in my hands. My heart was happy, as I took her order I was to learn that she was pregnant with her first child, she had just been to the doctor and much to her miraculous surprise, she was not having a boy, (now Amy, this does not say much for mothers intuition), although when the doctor told her that it was going to be a girl, all smile broke out, her sky opened up, her sun came out and was shining bright! Pink Flowers? O.K. we can do that.

You see, she would have bet that it was a boy, my only born child is a boy, and boys are great. Although Amy was having a little “Girl”, the first little girl to put her tender ray of shine on this family in 60 years! This event will inspire me for a long time to come, I did not have to see Amy’s face, her voice was sparkling as she spoke, and it was me who had the opportunity to witness. I was told once that every single body that crosses our paths have something to give, and you did Amy, you have given so much to so many today, with your great miracle.  I am not at all certain just how everyone would see this, but close your eyes for a moment and put Amy’s shoes on. You could not help but feel this miracle of Christmas. And did I mention that it was Amy’s Birthday yesterday?

Today we are delivering a bouquet of pink flowers to Amy’s mother-in-law, oh happy day mom!

Sometimes the miracles in our lives do not necessarily need to be of our own kind, sometimes it is the mere shadows that whisper past us that have great meaning, they helps us, reinforces us and tell us that they are out there in full force, working there job. Sometime it is the mere hello that changes an ordinary day!

I owned a Flower Shop for 17 years call “ A Miracle On 25th Street” I loved that shop, I have seen so many Miracles come and whisper past me in the years past, today there is a “Miracle On Escher Lane” and may God will bless your family today and always. You must understand that your Miracle has reinforced my knowing. And I do thank you for that. (And your order too…)

So happy birthday Amy, happy holidays, and to all a good night…

Bibbs A Winged Creature

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