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I am excellent in customer service, it is the #1 priority in my business, our atmosphere for shopping is grand, I hope you feel the same way as you move through this site. Keep in mind that if you don’t see it, ask for it anyway, keep coming back to our site as it is always changing. Please feel free to leave me your email address for future sidewalk sales and events.I, personally, am here because I love this business and through the years have found some great people, some of which would
call for flowers and end up giving me words of wisdom, or say the one thing I needed to hear, just for that day. I have been here for nearly 20 years now and still hear certain conversations I have had with really good people, and certain ones will last me for a life time. People come and go through our lives, some bring treasures, some bring silent messages, some just a simple smile, or a single flower picked from a field. Then there are many who will leave footprints in our lives, memories, stories and visions. Being here gives me a lot. Look deep inside your responsibilities today, although, while doing so also seek out the rewards for such responsibilities, may it be your job or your family. I have that single flower, I have had it for quite some time now, my dad picked it for me…and I have kept it  because his hands touched my heart the day he picked it! For all the paths we journey, just think of all the lives we touch, all the hearts we open & all the conversations we’ll cherish…I am here for you. You are more important then you will ever know.Or you may contact us at:
We deliver to the following Funeral Homes in and around Gainesville Georgia, we also deliver to Buford Georgia, Flanigans and Tapp Funeral Homes. We deliver to all Funeral Homes in Cumming Georgia, Ingrams, McDonald and Son etc.
Please be advised that some containers in our designs
may vary according to stock.We have always believed that customer service be for the people. It is for the supreme service of the customer…You!
We deliver, with style, to any Residential, Commercial, Church, Funeral home, hospital in any of the areas between Dahlonega & Suwanee GA. Just some of the areas are listed below. Please feel free to call 770-538-5002 to inquire about a special delivery area or an off hour (emergency) delivery. We will do our very best to service all you FLORAL, GIFT & DELIVERY needs here at BIBBS FLOWERS AND GIFTS
  • Dahlonega = $15.00 extra
  • Dawsonville = $5.00 extra (to some areas)
  • Cumming = $2.50 extra (to most areas)
  • Buford $2.50 up extra (some areas do not apply)
  • Regardless of area, we will compensate in flowers! Heavy hands make for happy hearts!

Bibbs Flowers And Gifts Delivery: Firstly allow me to apologize for the graphics, we do not supply free delivery…our driver service although he guarantees the quickest most efficient     Bibbs Flowers Same Day Florist Delivery


Flowers delivered fresh daily. Our guarantee to you. We will deliver all 603 miles of the Lake Lanier area.
Don’t be shy, ask us, we do the most unusual requests, and we do our very best!
For any other information, you may call Bibbs at 770-538-5002
Our passions should always be reachable although sometimes we become somewhat redirected through daily life.
Things happen and it creates for a change of direction. Whatever your direction, what ever your thoughts,
never be too shy for expression. If it is merely a greeting card or a simple note…express yourself!If you have any problems with our product, please call with in 24-48 hours of receipt of the product & ask for the owner, she will see you through one way or another.
Please be advised that delivery charges are mostly normal during the course of the year although they are subject to change around the holiday’s. And most likely will. Please feel free to inquire about charges or fees that apply.Please be advised that delivery charges are mostly normal during the course of the year although they are subject to change around the holiday’s . Although we offer same day delivery, it is not always humanly possible to satisfy everyone, especially on a holiday as Mothers day or Valentines day. And there is a time line that must be met in order to offer same day delivery. Please note that we do offer delivery to out of the way places although any delivery to the following townships do come with minimal orders and somewhat higher delivery charges. And please note that as of Late 2014 or early 2015 there will be a charge of .25 on all orders, we are dropping many of our prices, to keep things affordable for you, my customer. The market has been calling for an increase in prices or a decrease in flowers for some time now, I will not do that. Know that I will do all that I can so that yo are never effected. Please call and inquire if you have any questions. 770-538-5002Dahlonega
Buford (some areas do not apply)The prices posted on my site are what they are…Although you may decide what size you want us to design them…All you have to do is tell us small – medium or LARGE and how much $ YOU want to add to the difference in size & we’ll do it!  Just another way of saying…It’s all about YOU! Just continue completing your order below. Please remember that you cannot go lower then the actual listed price.

Holiday Delivery Charges: Please be advised that the delivery charges may increase during a holiday. Although the owner will compensate in flowers.
All upgrades that go from Regular to Large sizes are upgraded in $10.00 increments, with the exception of any captions written on this website, attached to the item you are actually ordering.

Here at my Florist, I talk to so many people everyday and when they cant say it, I do! Through words and
Flowers we express your love, compassion, sympathy, gladness, happiness, sorrow and any of your sighs!
It just does not matter how tongue tied you may feel, we will help get those perfect words out there for you.
And, if you know exactly what your expressions are, don’t be shy…tell us!

Again, we will get that message out there for you.
As I spend time talking to you, my customer..I can vision what to design through our
conversations together, ones in which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Exactly what is your desire? Allow me!
Even for those last minute gifts.


We provide flower delivery service to the following zip codes:

here are just some of the zip codes we deliver to: 30501, 30506, 30566, 30507, 30502, 30518,
30519, 30533, 30534, 30564, 30542, 30504, 30503, 30504, 30518, 30519, 30546.

Our shop serves the following areas:
Brenau University & Gainsville College

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: