Bath & Body

Bath & Body – For all custom made Spa Baskets, please order 24-48 hours in advance. Some items may require ordering. Or call 770-538-5002 to inquire about our inventory.

Spa Gifts

Much More Than Just Spa Gift Baskets

If you’re looking for an added surprise to your spa gifts, some of them come with delicious treats packed inside. These gift baskets can truly make the spa experience special. Chocolates are a tasty indulgence that comfort and delight the senses. Teas will soothe the body while the aromas from the bubble bath fill the air. These are a thoughtful gift solution for someone who may need a temporary healthy escape or a little relaxation. The more time you to someone who needs it, the more comfort you will receive in knowing how well you care for them. We at Bibbs Flowers and Gifts are in tune with all your flower and gits needs. Call 770-538-5002 or you may order online 24/7.

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