With Love

With Love – During the month of February, prices may vary. And that will depend on the sell out rate of stocked product. Because we will not be re-ordering our product this year…everything is on a first come first serve basis. Please remember that Valentines is the busiest month of the year (Besides May) for Florists.


We may not always have the time to update our website so if you are in question with any item, please inquire via note, email or calling 770-538-5002. Also take note that the deeper into the month we go, hold times are inevitable and can be lengthy. So I, Bibbs, cannot tell you how time sensitive and availability of product placing your order will be! Please become a priority and order early!!

Happy Valentines Day from the staff of Bibbs Flowers And Gifts, we are your flower girl, where your design is always customized!


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