Fantastic Arrangement

Fantastic Arrangement

Fantastic Arrangement

Thank you for these pictures and for the outstanding service on such a short notice.
With your wonderful arrangements and prompt delivery we were able to send some Mother's Day love from the other side of the world.
The shop I used in Conyers did not make the delivery until the day after Mother's Day and they ran out of roses as well.
Thanks again...Bobby & Paula Wills

How Beautiful and Bright

How Beautiful and Bright


 How Beautiful and Bright – Birthday Flowers The floral arrangement you put together for my Sister were absolutely beautiful. The butterfly you added to the arrangement was so life like.  Your amazing creativity made my Sister feel so special during a difficult time she was facing. Thank you so much for sending the pictures.- Kim M.

What A Kind Note

What A Kind Note

What A Kind NoteWhat A Kind Note

Bibbs, I want to thank you for getting the balloon bouquet to my brothers “farewell party” on time.  I know you made an extra effort to get it there and we all appreciated it.  It was a hit at the party. I hope your husband is doing better and that your congestion is better.  Have a merry Christmas. Gloris Frigeri

Thanks so Much Bibbs!

Thanks so Much Bibbs!

Thanks so Much Bibbs!

Thanks for sending me the pictures, what a nice surprise that was, kind of kept me in the loop since everything was done over the phone! thanks for your great service and a really nice arrangement!

Kathy Singer
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A Plant Garden For Howard

 A Plant Garden For Howard

You will be missed.
From, Ann, Hugh, Shawn & Michael
The basket is wonderful everyone really liked it and the idea that we would all get a plant to put in our yards to remember our uncle by is just priceless. Thanks for answering my call and doing a great job.  The pictures are good but it is better in life  🙂 Ann Hamil
A Note From Bill & Lisa

A Note From Bill & Lisa

 A Note From Bill & Lisa

Thank you, Bibb.  Your spray for our uncle’s funeral was lovely–just what I had in mind when I didn’t know to describe it as “European.”  Especially when other parties are contributing to something, you feel a responsibility to represent the group well.  Thanks for coming through for me!  Thanks for the photos also.
Merry Christmas,
Lisa Smith

Note From Dawn

Note From Dawn

Note From Dawn


  Note From Dawn


  Note from Dawn, I want to say thank you.  Abbie called and loved the basket and balloons     (along with everyone else).  You did a great job and I’ll be calling to place another order    soon.

Thank you,

Dawn Floyd



A Kind Note From Rhonda



A Kind Note From Rhonda

Thank you so much for taking the time to send some pictures of the arrangement that you created for me!! It was beautiful and she really loved them. Thanks for helping me make her 40th bday special!
Merry Christmas to you!Sincerely,
Rhonda Lewis

A Note From Dennis

A Note From Dennis
Bibb Flowers,
Two years ago you did a great job on flowers for my mother. I want to order a similar arrangement for her birthday again. I would like the flowers delivered Saturday August 7. I used this email to reach you as it is after hours in Gainesville. I don;t except the discount mentioned on the email as I know this is a two year old ad.The photo at the bottom of the email is what you sent me two years ago as a photo of the flowers sent to my mom. Please give me another arrangement similar to this one. The card should read: Happy Birthday from Dennis & Jamie, we love you.
Please call me at (000)— — so that I can give you my credit card information.
Thanks for your help.
Dennis Walters

A Note From fran



If you haven’t delivered the large arrangement to Shelley Pendley yet, I would like for you to add a Teddy Bear for both children. Please.
Mahaley Grace Carson

Put a card on each bear with their name on it.  No signature.  I will be out of town but you can reach me at 7– — —-.

And you are so very welcome, were on it! Bibbs

A Note From Joy

A Note From Joy

Lotsa Fruit
A Note From Joy
Thanks so much for sending a photo of the fruit basket.  It is beautiful.  When ordering from an unfamiliar florist, I am sometimes worried about the appearance of the final product, but you have put my fears to rest.    

Joy Zaidan

Four Emails In One Day



A Note From J.T.

Thank you so much for the great flowers..
They were extremely beautiful, and she was totally taken away with them.

You did such a great job…Will be ordering Valentines Roses for her soon!Keep up the good work!





A Note From Hank

Dear Bibbs,
I want to thank you for the beautiful flowers!  Not only where they beautiful, but your delivery time and customer service was awesome.  I used 1800-flowers last time and, God, were they terrible.  My wife called and asked me to send her a picture of what I “thought” she would receive.  When I asked as to why she needed the picture, she said, “I know you didn’t pic this out”.  Long story short, lets just say the arrangement was “underwhelming”.  So again I thank you for your services.
Ciao, Hank


A Note From Shirley


The flowers are lovely.  We just love your emails showing us what our client’s receive.  I am assuming that both clients got the same arrangement.

I have a favor/question to ask.  We are not getting an invoice or anything from you to use so that Kevin can write off the flowers as a business expense.  Would it be too much trouble to have you generate a consolidated statement sent to us (i.e. detailing Jan, Feb, Mar, etc. until end of last month) so that we can submit these?  We really appreciate all your help.

Shirley Crawford, RP


A Note From Nancy

Thank you so much for the pictures!  Shirley absolutely loved the flowers and it truly made her birthday.

Nancy Faulkner

We also received a very nice phone call today from Shirley, what a beautiful way to say she also loved her flowers. Thanks so much Shirley, I really needed that!   Bibbs




A Thought For All!

A Thought For All!

I have the card messages.  Thanks for the pics. It all looks really great and I look forward to seeing them in real life…Here are the cards for the 9 other individual vases…..Preston


From Mary Beth Johnson

Thank you for sending the pictures of the plant I ordered for Marty Martin. It is beautiful!   Could it be planted outside?

I truly appreciate the honesty regarding the peace lilly and I am very pleased with your service.
It is a nice service for a phone order and much appreciated.   Regards
Mary Beth Johnson.



A Note From The Smith’s

The family called to say how beautiful the flowers are and the chocolate oh so yummy!

Thanks so much for helping us to brighten John Smith’s day!

Cathy Smith



A Note From Jenna

Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement for the Gluck family! If it is not too much, could you please email me an invoice? I need it for work.
Again, I really appreciate your fast response to my order.
Sincerely, Jenna Moore

Really Nice Email

A Really Nice EmailA Really Nice Email For Bibbs Flowers And Gifts

I had to take 15 minutes out of my insanely busy day to thank you.

I usually use 1800flowers for everything and rarely work with an actual florist.  I had very little notice to put something together for my co-worker.  After calling various florists, I could not find anyone that could deliver for the wake.  After I was turned down by a number of florists, I decided to send a care basket on the following day.

I had spoken with a few places. However, I very specifically remembered you.  You sounded very busy, but there was something about your voice or what you said that made me decide to call you back.  I sifted through the numbers I had called and google links I had clicked.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to remember which place you were from.  I guess I got lucky, because you picked up the phone again.

I wasn’t really sure what all was going into the gift basket.  I had decided to leave that up to you.

Today, I open my email to find pictures that you took the time to take and send me w/o me even requesting to see it.

I have to say that I am very happy that I decided to call you back.  The basket was perfect. I was glad to see that there wasn’t any junk food in it.  To my delight, The food looked very healthy and fresh.

I have worked with Joe for over 8 yrs now and he is not just an employee, but a friend.  his brother was just 37 yrs old and had passed away from a heart attack.  His diet was from what I have heard very poor.  Lots of fast food, soda, etc.

We have always tried to provide healthy snacks for our employees and encourage a good healthy diet. We offer discounted LA Fitness memberships to our employees and in the past have even brought in Fitness Trainers to offer after work work-outs.

I lost my Grandmother 1 year ago and soon after my Father-n-Law who lived with us after he was diagnosed with cancer.

After the loss of a loved one there are many times when you physically can not lift your body out of bed, much less find the energy to go to the store and fix food.  That is why I always choose to send food baskets during difficult times.

Thank you so much for putting the time and care you did into creating their basket.  I am sure your basket is helped Joe and his family through the most difficult time of their lives.


Wesley & Jessica Warren

Posted on 09/18/2013

Posted on 09/18/2013
Posted on 09/18/2013
Posted on 09/18/2013 09:13am Just beautiful – thank you so much for your commitment to bringing happiness to those who might be experiencing anything but. These flowers dance with joy and life – what a beautiful statement for someone who might be ill/suffering or out of sorts!!

I want you to know that your designing shows great things and all will know about you.
Thanks so much – Gainesville Florist
Jenny C Smith


A Note From Chuck

A Note From Chuck

Hi, Bibbs.
My wife and mother-in-law loved the arrangements!  I saw the Hawiaan one late yesterday–very nice!  Thank you.
ChuckI, Bibbs receive numerous emails though out the year from my customers that have shopped with me, wheather or not we deliver to Gainesville Ga., Buford Ga. Cumming Ga. or anywhere in the North Georgia areas, our customers deserve the best and in turn have taken the liberty in writing us to share there feelings.

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